We’ve come a long way. We thank you.

We’ve come a long way. We thank you.
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I am so excited to announce that we’ve closed our seed round of $2.2 million, from an incredible group of investors, but more on that later.

Back in 2013, when we started ecovent, we knew we would need to raise money. We were naive to think that if we built an awesome system, we could convince investors, all on our own, to give us their hard earned cash to continue the pursuit of this incredible challenge.


I lack the words to truly articulate the impact that MIT, the Boston entrepreneurial ecosystem, and techstars has had, not only on ecovent, but also on my life.  In my previous life, I worked at company where we achieved the impossible, despite the culture of the company, not as a result of it.

Before Boston, I lived in a world where new ideas were met with skepticism and, “here’s the problem.”  In Boston, I was met with, “Okay that’s great,” and “How can I help?”

Ask for help, and accept the feedback

Boston is special. When people here say, “how can I help?” they mean it.

When Yoel and I were at MIT, we were fortunate to meet Bill Aulet and Christina Chase among many other incredible educators at MIT and the Martin Trust Center.  Bill preaches, “ideas are meaningless, it’s about execution.”  We took this to heart, and asked everyone we could find for help.  We had mentors giving us sage advice, before we truly appreciated the value of the time they were giving us.  A fella by the name of Mike Cassidy would literally blow our minds every time we would chat.  We would have a meeting with MIT’s Venture Mentoring Service, and walk away both terrified and excited. That was only the beginning.  We learned that the more we asked – the more people wanted to help.  We thought this was MIT only, until we met Mitch Tyson, who spent 3 hours with Yoel and me shredding our deck and business plan.

Then we got into techstars.  We met Katie Rae, Reed Sturtevant, Bob Mason, Semyon Dukach, Tuan Pham and Rohit Gupta – all of whom pushed us harder than we ever thought possible.  Do More Faster indeed.  Through techstars we met some of the most incredible mentors and advisers a company could ask for.

We loved every second, and we’ve since asked a crapload more people for help.  This list is very long, but that’s the point.  Everyone on this list has impacted ecovent’s success – and as a result, they will gain a spot on our Wall of Supporters.

Adam Hansen
Adam Lowry
Adam Pool
Adam Weisman
Alan Kelman
Alan Sherman
Alex Cheimets
Alex Goodwin
Alex Wayman
Alexander Borschow
Allan Tellio
Amanda O’Brien
Amory Lovins
Amy Goldfeder
Andrew Krebs-Smith
Andrew McCarthy
Andrew Myerson
Andrew Payne
Andrew Schoenfeld
Andy Payne
Ari Hamalian
Armen Mukhaelyan
Arrigo Bodda
Atara Kelman
Audi of Brookline
Augusta Niles
Austin Prince
Barry Braunstein
Ben Israelite
Betty Scott
Bijan Sabet
Bill Aulet
Bill Drislane
Bill Drislane and Dragon
Bill Holber
Bill Warner
Bill Wittenberg
Birchaven Group
Blake Eiseman
Bob Fields
Bob Mason
Bob Steingart
Brad Harkavy
Brandon Banz
Brian Bowen
Brian Chemel
Brian Ellison
Brian Halligan
Brian Hoel
Brian Kaffee
Brian Kalma
Brian Kapicka
Brian Wilson
Brookes Moody
Bryan Taylor
Butch Richard
Caleb Weiss
Candice Lancaster
Charles VanBerg
Cheryl Dolan
Chris Carleton
Chris Micali
Chris Resendes
Chris Rezendes
Christina Chase
Christopher Walsh
Chuck Kane
Colin Raney
Connie Cheung
Cory von Wallenstein
Dan Lasher
Dan Shannon
Danger Awesome
Daniel Klein
Daniel Weisfield
David Bard
David Bates
David Bonner
David Brown
David Cohen
David Duehren
David Goldman
David Moore
Deepali Patel
Devin Cooke
Don Alden
Donna Richard
Douglas Waitt
Douglas Zingale
Dr. Debraj De
Dwight Rose
Dwight Rose
Dylan Mankey
Econais Guys
Ed Pease
Ed Roberts
Eduardo Pontoriero
Elad Shoushan
Elaine Chen
Ellen Bohn-Gitlitz
Ellen Suttle
Elliot Cohen
Enrique Olivares
Eric Ahlgren
Eric Hamilton
Eric Paley
Eric Wisch
Erik Eliason
Ernie Rohn
Evan Blasdor
Fama PR
Gabe Blanchet
Gareth Taube
Gary Fortin
Gautam Chandra
Gene Hall
George Pappas
Glen Mello
Gloria Schuck
Godfrey Hiltebrandt
Greg Barker
Greg Maier
Hamza Talhouin
Harold Gunther
Helen Fairman
Howard Anderson
Ian Fitzpatrick
Ido Gruberger
Ignacio Undurraga
Ingrid Hartman
Intrepid Labs
Itay Levy
Izzy Azeri
Jagruti Rekhi
Jamel Love
James Geshwiler
Jason Norris
Jay Batson
Jean Montagu
Jeff Clark
Jeffrey Babin
Jen Cookke
Jesse Lipcon
Jim Christian
Jim Harrison
Jim McEleney
Joe Caruso
Joe Curala
Joe Rammuni
John Dinun
John Esler
John F. Kennedy
John Ghirardelli
John Hobgood
John Moyer
John Nelson
John Prendergast
Johnathan Nelson
Jon Reilly
Jonathan Hinton
Jordan Nollman and Sprout
Joseph Alsop
Joseph Giannico
Joseph Spada
JP Norair
Julia Austin
Kaia Lai
Kate Castle
Kathi Noe
Katie MacDonald
Katie Rae
Keith Hopper
Ken Zolot
Kevin Rose
Kim Pegnato
Kirit Patel
Krishna Nookala
Kristen Wiltse
Kyle Judah
Lana Cohen
Laura Malone
Lia Wayman
Lori Jore
Louis Goldish
Luti Undurraga
Madhuri Patel
Mark Kasdorf
Mark Tortorella
Martin Flusberg
Mary Rose
Masumi Nakamura
Matt Beecher
Matt Pearlson
Matt Terrell
Matt Wood
May Moy
Megan Lovallo
Melissa Dowler
Metan Marine
Mia Kelley
Michael de la Maza
Michael Dornbrook
Michael Joffe
Michael Johnstone
Michael Koeris
Michael Mark
Michael Ridler
Michael Sherman
Michael Wohl
Mike Cassidy
Mike Magliolo
Mike Phillips
Mike Vondra
Mike Zelnick
Milan Pecov
Mitch Tyson
Naiomi Elaison
Naomi Herman
Nick Johnson
Nick Lancaster
Nick Vloyanetes
Noah Freeman
NV Bots
Octavio Delgado
Oliver Steele
Omar Mesarwi
Paris Wallace
Pat Cloney
Paul English
Paula Mesarwi
Peter Vandermeulen
Phil Noe
Phil Norton
Rachel Levy
Rachit Kansal
Randy Auerbach
Ray Lancaster
Reed Sturtevant
Rene Chen
Rich Minor
Rob Flory
Robbie Gray
Robert Carrington
Robert Cowherd
Robert Sampson
Rohit Gupta
Rosa Hsu
Ryan Houlette
Ryan Moore
Ryan Sheinbein
Sam Gassel
Sam Madan
Sam Nadler
Sangita Patel
Sasha Hoffman
Scott N. Miller
Scott Stern
Scott Weller
Scott Wiersdorf
Sean Lorenz
Sean Martin Kenney
Semyon Dukach
Shaindy Kelman
Shawn Rose
Sheetal Patel
Sheila Lancaster
Shipul Patel
Simeon Simeonov
Smith Anderson
Sravish Sridhar
Stan Rice
Steve Anderson
Steve Schlafman
Steven Rothschild
Stewart Alsop
Sunil Rekhi
Techstars Boston
Temple Fennell
Thakor Patel
Thos Niles
Tiffany Chandra
Tim Sun
TJ Parker
Tom Dowler
Tom Hughes
Tom McGrath
Tony & Leslie Will
Tony Chen
Tony Madan
Trae Greenlee
Tripp Carey
Troy Bara
Tuan Pham
Virginia Tangey-Healey
Walter Turek
Warren Katz
Where Fund
Will Herman
William Foley
Wolfgang Schuster
Yechiel Kelman

Make no mistake, without the help of these incredible people, we would be 12 months behind where we are now.  These are the people that helped us realize how fast we could truly move, and what pitfalls to avoid.  We’ve hit problems for sure, but thanks to the stunning community here in Boston, we overcame them the same way the Eagles defensive line overcame the Giants Sunday night (sorry, you can take the boy out of Philly!).

So, to all our mentors, investors, advisers, critics, champions, significant others, families, and pets: Thank you. You’re awesome.

What now?

This summer, Yoel, Shawn, Nick and I really spent time thinking through the company’s mission and values.  Since the team had grown, it was important to us to get our vision down on paper, and share it with the team. I’m excited to share it with you today.


Our Mission:  Exceptional talent solving the world’s biggest overlooked problems.

We are doing just that.  It’s time to make homes comfortable and efficient, and to do it in a way that’s easy for anyone to install and use.  There are 74 Million homes in the US with forced air heating and cooling (and this number is growing).  These homes aren’t efficient, and we’re out to fix that. Betas are installed and we’re learning a ton.  Scott’s blog post describes a single case study; we’ll have more in the coming months.

This seed funding will accelerate our system development and bring us to production.  In months, ecovent will go to production, and a few months after that, we will make your home comfortable and efficient. We will also launch pilot systems with channel partners such as HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Contractors, Builders, Utilities and others who are joining ecovent to get this product into the hands of homeowners nationwide.

Our investors are led by an incredible family office called Otter Consulting, Semyon Dukach, Atlas Venture via the Boston Syndicates (BOSS), David Bates, Warren Katz, Will Herman, Michael Mark, Julia Austin, Oliver Steele, Walter Turek, The Where Angels Fund, and others.  They join our previous angels in helping ecovent realize our mission.

We are so excited to hit the gas and with these investors joining us, we’re going supersonic. It’s go time.

Want to help?

Please reach out!! We want to hear from you.

Want to be comfortable?

Reserve your system now!  Save your spot in line at a great discount!! And do your friends a favor and share our link on Facebook and Twitter. They’ll thank you as they lounge in their comfortable homes while pampering themselves using cash that would have otherwise been spent on wasted energy and high utility bills.

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  1. When do you plan to roll-out and start shipping the system?


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