CES 2016: The Year of the Smart Home

CES 2016: The Year of the Smart Home
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It’s been a crazy few weeks for us here at Ecovent: We began shipping Ecovent systems to fulfill overwhelming demand from our preorder customers all over the country! On top of that, we started 2016 by exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the largest consumer hardware expo in the world. The last time we exhibited at CES in 2015, we debuted the Ecovent system to the public, garnering attention from the press and taking home the Automation Product of the Year award.

This year was a little different for us. We graduated from the Eureka Park hall for newly born startups to having our own full-fledged booth space in the Smart Home section of the exhibition hall.

Ecovent CES Booth


And we weren’t the only ones. While 3D printing seemed to be the big trend in 2015, it was clear that 2016 was the Year of the Smart Home. Big companies like Bosch, Vivint, and more showed off how their connected devices make homes more automated and efficient. For us, it was a fantastic opportunity to show partners, customers, and media just how far we’ve come in one short year.

We showed off the new production hardware that’s coming off our manufacturing and assembly lines, and into our customers’ homes. Nothing was more energizing than having our preorder customers stop by the booth and tell us how excited they were to get their hands on our vents, sensors, and smart hub, and experience the comfort.

CES Booth6


It’s always interesting to talk to people who hadn’t heard of Ecovent before CES. They’d been silently suffering from rooms that are too hot or too cold in their homes. People flocked to our booth to learn more, and we could really see the lightbulb turn on once we explained that they experience this problem because a thermostat just isn’t enough to ensure home comfort.

CES Booth 6


For us, CES just wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t bring home some new hardware. We’re thrilled that Ecovent was recognized once again as the leader in the home comfort space, being named one of the Best Smart Home Products of 2016 by the Consumer Technology Association.

CES Booth3



CES Booth4



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