Ecovent Extends the Life of Your A/C and Furnace

Ecovent Extends the Life of Your A/C and Furnace
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We’re pleased to release our latest white paper, Ecovent Extends, which shows how you can extend the life of your air conditioner and furnace with Ecovent.

People ask us all the time – is it safe to close vents in a central air system? The fact is, if you’re not careful, you CAN cause problems by closing vents and restricting airflow. Two years after our first installations, we’ve now collected and analyzed enough data to show that Ecovent can extend the life of HVAC systems by limiting short cycling, reducing overall system runtime, and carefully monitoring system operation with our suite of sensors to ensure the HVAC equipment maintains efficiency.

We’re now making this white paper available to everyone! Click here to read it!

Ecovent Extends HVAC Life

And if you’re curious about how Ecovent registers are able to increase airflow in your system, you can check out our full report on airflow here:

Ecovent Registers: Airflow Test Results

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